Flipped Learning Network
WPA’s Guide to the Hybrid Writing Classroom
Dr. Marshall G. Jones’ faculty page and YouTube channel – info on podcasts, flipped classrooms, etc
Strategies for Online Teaching (University of Michigan)

Free Programs Available for Download: (programs that will help you in this class)

Audacity, CamStudio, PhotoStory 3 (on all Winthrop lab computers), Screencast-O-matic, and Jing. There is also a feature in the new version of PowerPoint that will allow you to use a Camtasia plug-in.

Here’s a recent article about the nine best video-editing software programs(that are FREE to download)!

Help Websites/Tutorials:

  • (online training library for $25/month)
  • taking screenshotsPC or Mac instructions for taking screenshots and making them into images that you can upload to your blog.
  • using MovieMaker: short, video-based tutorials that literally walk you through how to do pretty much everything in MovieMaker v.2.
  • using iMovie 09: Apple’s tutorials for using the newest version of iMovie.
  • using iMovie 06/HD: Apple’s tutorials for using an older (better?) version of iMovie.
  • WEbVPN client. Use this if the above doesn’t work or is too confusing.
  • xtranormal: type in a script and use their pre-made 3D environs to create a movie.
  • creating mapping/media story mashups with web and cell phone delivery.
  • Remix America gives you the tools and raw materials you need to remix America Then with America Now.

Websites with accessibility tools:

  • Magpie:
  • Subtitle Workshop:

Blogs on teaching with technology:

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