We will discuss evaluation of online writing later in the semester, but since we are starting with the online activities next week, I wanted to show you how I will be looking at the blogs and assignments:


  • Content is more important than length (still, try to aim for a well-developed paragraph/idea – long enough to get the point across)
  • Analysis is more important than summary (engage with the ideas)
  • Posts should be thought-provoking and relevant
  • Passion is fine, but “rants” are not


  • Do you have a “big fish” of an idea? Are you engaging with the content?
  • Can your post be misinterpreted or misunderstood?


  • Include specific references to the text you are using – i.e. quote the text or include a page number
  • Include links for sources outside of the required reading
  • When in doubt, include some form of citation


  • Write for a specific audience, even if it is a general audience
  • Keep in mind the “unintended” readers – this is a public blog!

Grammar and Mechanics:

  • Proofread for readability and edit when appropriate
  • Remember that this is a 500-level writing class!

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