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I have created this course to help English and education majors explore the possibilities of online/hybrid classrooms and teaching components! Due to the nature of the topic, I thought it was important to deliver the course electronically; the online nature also allows each of you to work through the course on your own time/schedule.

A complete copy of the syllabus is in Blackboard – below are the highlights!

Required Texts

Teaching Writing Online: How and Why by Scott Warnock

NOTE: This class is 100% online, so students will need internet access to check our class website ( and Blackboard.


This course meets the four learning outcomes as identified by the university:

Competency 1: Winthrop graduates think critically and solve problems.

Winthrop University graduates reason logically, evaluate and use evidence, and solve problems.  They seek out and assess relevant information from multiple viewpoints to form well-reasoned conclusions.  Winthrop graduates consider the full context and consequences of their decisions and continually reexamine their own critical thinking process, including the strengths and weaknesses of their arguments.

Competency 2: Winthrop graduates are personally and socially responsible.

Winthrop University graduates value integrity, perceive moral dimensions, and achieve excellence.  They take seriously the perspectives of others, practice ethical reasoning, and reflect on experiences.  Winthrop graduates have a sense of responsibility to the broader community and contribute to the greater good.

Competency 3: Winthrop graduates understand the interconnected nature of the world and the time in which they live.

Winthrop University graduates comprehend the historical, social, and global contexts of their disciplines and their lives. They also recognize how their chosen area of study is inextricably linked to other fields.  Winthrop graduates collaborate with members of diverse academic, professional, and cultural communities as informed and engaged citizens.

Competency 4: Winthrop graduates communicate effectively.

Winthrop University graduates communicate in a manner appropriate to the subject, occasion, and audience. They create texts – including but not limited to written, oral, and visual presentations – that convey content effectively. Mindful of their voice and the impact of their communication, Winthrop graduates successfully express and exchange ideas.

Learning Outcomes

Based on the above ULCs, this course has the following learning outcomes:

1. Students will understand the role of teachers in the online classrooms, including ways students view teachers and teachers view their own role.

2. Students will analyze and evaluate online teaching strategies for their ideas and their rhetorical choices.

3. Students will develop their own teaching philosophies in relationship to online/hybrid classrooms.

4. Students will work with standard tools used for electronic and online collaboration, research, and manuscript preparation.

5. Students will apply editing and revising skills as they work with texts from a variety of fields and genres, including websites.

6. Students will create electronic lesson plans based on principles of good design and pedagogy.

7. Students will use current technology in the most rhetorically effective manner.

Course Requirements

Online Writing Activities (30%)

Short Assignments (30%): Analysis of Literary Practices (Part One and Part Two) and Analysis of a Teaching Tool

Flipped Classroom Lesson Plan (30%)

Statement of Teaching Philosophy (10%)

Grading Philosophy: we will use the plus/minus system

Late Assignment Policy

All work should be submitted on time.You are required to submit all assignments to me on their due dates. Late assignments will not be accepted – even if they are only 10 seconds late.

Course Expectations

Overall, this is a 500-level course, so I expect you to keep up with the work, correspond responsibly (and electronically) with your classmates and with me, and ask questions if you get stuck. Welcome to the course!

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