Online Writing Activities

General Rules for Contributions

Posts in the first category of original contributions are due by midnight on Mondays (both research and reaction); response posts are due by midnight on Thursdays.

Remember that this is a 500-level course. All posts need to be thoughtful and detailed. At this point, I will not dictate content or length (although, be aware that 3-4 sentences won’t cut it!), but I reserve the right to step in at any time to add additional rules or stipulations.

Using WordPress, you will set up and contribute to your own individual blogs and the blogs of others. You are required to post at least three times a week beginning the week of June 16 and going through the week of July 28 (total of 21, 14 original contributions and at least 7 community responses); each week you must publish one of each of the following categories of blog posts:

Part One: Original Contributions (20%) – due Mondays by midnight

  • Research post. In these posts, you must find a recent article or blog post that deals with some aspect of the class (new media, teaching strategies, innovative technology, classroom studies) that interests you or that you want to investigate. For instance a recent government study suggests that online education may be more effective for college students than traditional face-to-face classes; what’s your take on this study? You should comment on and link to the article or post you’re discussing; the link should be placed high in your post and your entry title should give us some idea of what you’re going to discuss (not “Cool stuff” but “Neat new program to draw graphic novels”, as an example). Your posts must contain original content and not just summarize the information in the link. And of course, links must work. If you start thinking now about later assignments in the semester, you could use the blog as a way of starting your research.
  • Reaction post. Each week you should post a response to one or more of the readings that we will be discussing in the next class; these responses can be argumentative, philosophical, analytic, or what you feel is appropriate (tone is up to you, but please keep it non-offensive). Usually it will be your choice, but sometimes I may want us all to focus on one reading or ask different clusters of students to focus on separate readings. I’ll let you know.

Part Two: Responses to the Community (10%) – due Thursdays by midnight

These points will be awarded for the comments you place on your classmates’ blogs. I’m expecting you to do at least one a week for the semester. While these will be less extensive than your blog posts, your comments must further the discussion, not just say “I like this” or “Interesting-thanks”! If at all possible, suggest ideas that the poster and your classmates may want to consider, or suggest resources that might illuminate the discussion.

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