Flipped Lesson Plan

Most of you have expressed interest in the idea of “flipped classrooms” – something we will explore more on July 3. So, for this assignment, I want you to actually create a lesson that students would watch and learn from outside of class, in preparation for in-class explanation or activities. Students may mean the students you teach on a regular basis or hope to teach in the future; students can also mean college students (something you would have liked to learn here at Winthrop).

Here are the steps:

  • Pick a topic or content area that will be the subject of the lesson
  • Decide how to create the lesson – will you record your voice over PowerPoint slides? work with screencapturing software to record your movements on a computer? create a video from scratch using a program like Animoto?
  • Finally, create!

As I mentioned, we will do a practice version of this for July 3’s class, and I have website links to guide you through this process. A good place to start is the Flipped Learning Network. There are also numerous videos and tutorials available through Khan Academy or iTunes University.

Things to consider:

  • Videos should be no longer than 15 minutes (students won’t pay attention), so consider making your lesson between 8-12 minutes.
  • Try to make it interesting, something you would actually enjoy or at least sit through.
  • Think of ways to make it interactive – are there activities the students can do along with the video? a quiz you want them to complete after the video or during the next class period?
  • Carve out time in your schedule to complete this assignment. Be prepared for your first flipped lesson to take longer than you think! The good news is that it gets easier and faster!

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