Annotated Bibliography

Over the B session, you will read ten essays to supplement the class material (roughly one a week). The articles should deal with course topics, but can reflect your own research interests within those topics. You should identify a “theme” or “issue” in the readings that you wish to study; then, locate articles to help your understanding of it. Please try to find articles at least ten pages in length.

Please follow MLA format for annotated bibliographies. First, cite the article. Then, after skipping a space, compose a paragraph (approximately 250-350 words, single-spaced) that both summarizes the article and evaluates it.

The annotated bibliography is due the week of August 3, and you can send it to me electronically via Blackboard or email.

3 thoughts on “Annotated Bibliography

    1. Dr. Sarah Spring Post author

      That’s correct! Grad students are required to do an additional assignment because this is a 500-level class – I’m also hoping this will allow you to really focus on a research topic that is important/helpful to your teaching.

  1. Krista Bradshaw

    Do we need different types of sources, such as actual books from a physical library, or can they all be electronic from library databases?


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