Analysis of a Teaching Tool

There are literally dozens of technology tools for the classroom, and this assignment is designed to help you look more critically and deeply at one particular tool. I’ve provided some links below that describe many of these tools – pick one that you are not familiar with (or may have heard of but don’t know much about). In other words, don’t pick Skype, Facebook, Twitter, etc. For example, I like to use simple programs that help students create and code their own games, to teach them about the importance of “language” and precision or as a writing activity. Good programs for this type of work in my new media and cyber-rhetoric classes are Scratch or Inform 7. If I want students to work collaboratively, I encourage use of Googledocs or Visual Knowledge Builder.

The reason for choosing something unfamiliar or new is because I want you to research it and report back to the class:

  • Who designed it? when?
  • For what purpose?
  • Has it changed or evolved since its original version?
  • What are some of the possibilities for this tool in or around the classroom?
  • What type of classroom or age group is most appropriate?
  • Can you find any research or classroom studies on it (or like technology)? If so, what are those teachers/scholars discovering?

Obviously, in your new blog page, I want you to include this information in a coherent narrative form, complete with links, videos (YouTube often has “how-to” guides), or screenshots – don’t just answer the questions in unrelated paragraphs!

NOTE: Reply to this post with your choice of technology! This will help others make their choice, and hopefully, we won’t end up with eight reviews of the same thing.


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20 thoughts on “Analysis of a Teaching Tool

  1. Kelly Medley

    May I research the Booksource Classroom Organizer app and tool? It is a way to organize your classroom library and check out books. I’d like to lear more about this in order to promote a safe place for reading for my low students. I linked it below.

    Just let me know. Thanks!

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  3. Becca Bridges

    I would like to research LiveBinders! So far, it seems like a really great tool for teaching, presentations, and organization.


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