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You’ve reached our class website…

Hello! This week begins our journey into exploring online teaching environments; while we can’t possibly cover everything in nine weeks, I hope the textbook and related topics provide an introduction to ideas that you can use in your own teaching/education.

As I’ve explained over email, this is the space I will be using to post information about the syllabus, course policies, assignments, due dates, and reading schedule. Also, once you email me with the links to your own blogs, I will place them here to the right, under “Class Links”! This way students will have access to everyone else’s blog (I will explain how you can add your own links as well).

In Week 1 of Summer B, I want you to get familiar with this site and our space in Blackboard. Questions can be asked by clicking “Leave a reply,” or you can email me. I also plan to have online office hours under the Skype username writ465professor.