Twitter hashtag

As I mentioned, all of your posts have great initial questions and comments about the course content and potential research topics. Reading through your blogs last night inspired me to find a way to pull outside information into one place.

There are several ways to tag information for this class (including social bookmarking platforms like Delicious), but I am choosing to do Twitter – both for its ease of use and for the research I have seen people posting links to in recent weeks. For example, many of you have asked about student retention and ability in relationship to online classrooms, and I’ve seen several articles in the last day or so that I think you would find useful. Research even indicates that shy students and “at-risk” students benefit from social media such as Twitter because they can ask questions or talk about what they are learning in a less threatening environment; teachers are now tweeting reminders about deadlines and office hours with greater effect than email. Using Twitter outside of the class means that you can follow certain educators, administrators, or even organizations (like NCTE or CCCC) for their help and insight into topics that are important to you.

Therefore, I have created the hashtag #WUwrit510 that I will use to retweet or tag things that will be relevant; if you have an account, you can follow me (@scsrhetoric) or you can tweet questions or comments to the class using that same hashtag.

For those who don’t have a Twitter account, it is free and easy to setup/use. Please be aware that Twitter is public, so if you want to create a disposable account for this class, that is fine! Disposable simply means creating a new account with an alternative email address or a pseudonym as your username. As long as I know who you are (which you can tell me in an email or in the Blackboard discussion forum)…

Or, as another option, you can use a website with archiving ability to search the history of a particular hashtag, like Tweet Archivist.