Theory of Cyber-Rhetoric

Week 2: Introduction to Electronic Literature

Aug 28 - intro chapter to Murray and Hayles Chapter 1

Aug 30 - Lanham's Implications of Electronic Information and Introduction to the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives


Week 3: From Page to Screen

Sept 4 - Landow's Cyberspace, Hypertext, & Critical Theory (surf around this site) and Hayles Chapter 2

Sept 6 - Murray Chapter 2

Part 1 of "Analysis of Literary Practices" is due. NOTE: We will start class at 1 PM today!


Week 4: Changing Definitions of Literacy

Sept 11 - Wesch "Published: The Old Revolution," "Connecting the Digital Dots," and Murray Chapter 3

The NCTE now defines literacy in this way; likewise, here is a resource for additional information -"Toward a Theory of New Literacies."

Sept 13 - Murray Chapter 7

Part 2 of "Analysis of Literary Practices" is due.


Week 5: New Media and Literacy Criticism

Sept 18 - Hayles Chapter 3 and Manovich's “New Media from Borges to HTML” (read his eight propositions about new media, starting on p. 10)

Sept 20 - "This is Scholarship"; become familiar with "Violence of Text" and "New Media's Long History and Global Future" (and we will spend time with the Electronic Collection that accompanies the Hayles book)

Here is a resource: Jeremy Tirrell's Geographical History of Online Rhetoric and Composition Journals


Week 6: Plagiarism and Copyright Issues

Sept 25 - Explore the Creative Commons website, and read Johnson-Eilola and Selber's "After Plagiarism" and the real-life example of "Plagiarism or 'Remix'?"

For additional information, see the article "Who Sends Google the Most Takedown Notices?"

Sept 27 - Working with the DALN


Types/Genres of Cyber-Rhetoric

Week 7: Databases

Oct 2 - Folsom's "Database as Genre" and explore the Walt Whitman archive

Oct 4 - Responses to Folsom (and Folsom’s reply to them): Read 1 response to Folsom, then read Folsom's response.

  • Stallybrass, Peter, “Against Thinking.” PMLA 122.5 (Oct. 2007): 1580-87.
  • McGann, Jerome, “Database, Interface, and Archival Fever.” PMLA 122.5 (Oct. 2007): 1588-92.
  • McGill, Meredith L., “Remediating Whitman.” PMLA 122.5 (Oct. 2007): 1592-96.
  • Freedman, Jonathan, “Whitman, Database, Information Culture.” PMLA 122.5 (Oct. 2007): 1596-1602.
  • Hayles, N. Katherine, “Narrative and Database: Natural Symbionts.” PMLA 122.5 (Oct. 2007): 1603-08.
  • Folsom, Ed, “Reply.” PMLA 122.5 (Oct. 2007): 1608-12.

Analysis of the DALN is due!


Week 8: Electronic Texts

Oct 9 - Slatin's "La Zambinella Meets the Cyborg" (skim this, clicking through the links), and "Did You Know? 6.0" video

Oct 11 - Shift Happens wiki and Website Design, css Zen Garden

Look at the resources for web design! Here's another from Dr. Koster (courtesy of Dr. Johnson-Eilola) "Some Starting Points in Web Design"


Week 9: Creating Electronic Editions

Oct 16 - Price's "Electronic Scholarly Editions" and Harpold's "Contingencies of the Hypertext Link"

Oct 18 - "Designing a Reader-Friendly Digital Edition"

Additional Resources: "Turning the Page: Rethinking Design for Digital Editions" and "Guidelines for Editors of Scholarly Editions"


Week 10: Digital Storytelling

Oct 23 - Murray Chapters 4-6

Oct 25 - Work day (Part 1 is due at the end of class)


Week 11: Graphic Novels and Interactive Texts

Oct 30 - Ben Bova "Knowledge Really Is Power" and "A Graphic Text"

Nov 1 - New Forms of Text: cellphone novels, Google Books Library Projecthypertext fiction (also of interest is The Electronic Labyrinth, especially for my creative writers)

For those interested in cyberpunk: Schneider's "Cyberpunk Literary Style," "What is Cyberpunk?", and The Cyberpunk Project

Or, for those interested in video games: the Smithsonian currently has an exhibit called The Art of Video Games


Remaining Questions

Week 12: End of Books?

Nov 6 - NO CLASS (Election Day)

Nov 8 - Hayles Chapter 4 and Murray Chapter 9; Coover's "The End of Books" and responses

Additional resource: Douglas "The End of Books - or Books Without End?"



Week 13: The Future?

Nov 13 - Hayles Chapter 5 and Murray Chapter 10

Part 2 of Electronic Edition is due!

Nov 15 - In class, we will look at the following pieces:


Week 14: We will NOT meet the week of Thanksgiving!

Nov 20 - Post to your blog with your ideas about the final project


Week 15: Wrap Up

Nov 27 - Course Review (post a draft of your project to your blogs by midnight)

Nov 29 - Peer Review

Each student is responsible for looking at the other FOUR projects before class and responding with comments/constructive criticism.


Final Projects are due on Friday, December 7 @ 11:30 AM

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