Multimedia Project

Call for submissions: The Visions of Students Today and the results: "a few ideas", Visions of Students Today website

Due Friday, December 7– you will present this project along with your metanarrative

After completing this assignment, you should be able to…
• Integrate a variety of digital objects (pictures, sound, text, video) into a cohesive project.
• Identify and consider format choices for digital presentations.
• Formulate a meaningful and clear message about yourself, the impact of technology on your life, and what it has meant to you to “live on the global, virtual frontier.”
• Use some creativity in your writing, through word choice, interpretation, approach, etc.
• Clearly explain your digital product through well-written text that is stylistically concise and meaningful and mechanically clean.

In the coming weeks, we will talk about the new PBS report called “Digital Nation: Life on the Virtual Frontier” and Michael Wesch's call for student multimedia projects (and results).  These videos, in combination with some of our class readings, paint a picture of what it is like to be living in this age of electronic literature. I want you to add your “chapter” to the story.

The Multimedia Project:
You have a great amount of leeway in terms of the multimedia representation, but I recommend using Storify, Sliderocket, Prezi, PhotoStory, Windows Movie Maker, or Expression Web. The basic format may be a blog, a YouTube video, a Prezi presentation, a web page, or another format (check with me just for reassurance). Regardless of your methods, here are the basic criteria:
• The project must be digital, computer-based, not a physical craft product.
• The project must be portable with relative ease—you should be able to “give” it to me online or via file transfer (email, web site, thumb drive, etc.).
• The project must be cohesive—it should not be a bunch of separate elements (such as a combination of iPod, pictures, etc). It must be “neatly packaged.”
• The project should have a unified design—it should “look nice” and fit together visually.
• The project must be a new creation. For example, you cannot submit an old set of assignments as your final product.
• The digital product must contain the following multi-media elements:
o At least 5 graphics (can be photos)
o At least 3 sound elements (includes sound files and/or video)
o At least 5 textual elements (not counting the explanation)
• The digital project should address some aspect of our Cyber-Rhetoric class: What have our discussions about digital texts taught you? How do you now define terms like reading, writing, authorship, and communication? How should you communicate as an inhabitant of the virtual frontier?

Questions to Get You Started:
Here are some follow-up questions to get you thinking (you do not have to include answers to all of these questions in your project):
o Do you identify yourself as a “digital native” (intuitively comfortable with technology)? If so, what experiences or history has shaped you this way? If not, why not?
o What role do cell phones and texting play in your life and in the lives of your closest friends? Aside from convenience, how have their use shaped the ways you communicate?
o What role does Facebook, MySpace, or another social networking site play in the way you shape your identity? Do you portray yourself online in the same ways you portray yourself in person? Think about the photos, text, groups, applications, and other choices you make on Facebook or MySpace—why do you shape your digital representation the way you do?
o What role do sites like YouTube play in your entertainment and/or communication choices?
o If you have had a personal blog, what was its purpose and what satisfaction, frustration, or other results did you get from it?
o What impact did online technologies have on your high school/college experience, and how did that experience shape you as an adult? What did your online experiences teach you about communications, identity, relationships, etc.? Have your definitions of reading, writing, and communication been affected?
o As you watched the people interviewed in “Digital Nation,” what was your reaction? How is your story of growing up online similar or different? What would you like to add to the documentary?

The One- to Two-Page Narrative:
The narrative should explain your project (like a “tour,” it will walk me through and talk about the project). If you quote any other outside materials (poems, books, articles, videos, songs, etc.), then please also provide a separate list of sources.
The narrative helps meet the objectives described above and follows this format:
• Single spaced with basic headings
• 10-12 point type

Overall, this project should be fun. It should give you a chance to stretch your self creatively—don’t be afraid to experiment, to use humor, to use irony, to use some great metaphors! Think about an overall theme that will unify your work. Once you have that theme, then push the boundaries!

You will create a new page on your blog and embed the project there (along with the metanarrative).

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