Resources for Janet Murray and digital storytelling

Janet Murray's new book has its own blog, which contains useful links and exercises. Here are a couple of note:

First, there is a design exercise called Agency in an Interactive Model. Then, she has a couple of blog posts with Hamlet on the Holodeck tags - including a recent video of her brown bag session on narrative.


Reaction Post for October 16

For this week's post, I want you to come up with your own heuristic for the upcoming projects.

  • First, look at the existing heuristic for our class, the one we created for the online writing activities
  • Next, look at these possibilities for heuristics: Cheryl Ball’s New Media worksheet, Evaluating Online Texts checklist, and IML’s Honors Thesis Project Parameters
  • Third, look at the instructions for the remaining assignments (and feel free to look at the student projects from Fall 2010's Cyber Rhetoric course)

With this information, post to your individual blogs with ideas about how WRIT 502 will evaluate the electronic edition and multimedia projects.


Change to October 9 Reading

Well, you are in luck! In the last month or so (since I posted the schedule), the article for Tuesday's class has been taken down. Instead, in addition to the "Did You Know? 6.0" video, I'm updating the reading list with the following sources on e-texts:

"How the E-Book Will Change How We Read and Write" by Steven Johnson

Wordnik, the online dictionary by Erin McKean

"E-Books Expand Their Potential" by Julie Bosman

You might also want to look at this website, Institute for the Future of the Book

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