September 27 Assignment

First, you can post your weekly response (due tomorrow) on the digital text examples from Thursday or tomorrow's materials on plagiarism/copyright.

Second, we will NOT have class on Thursday the 27th. Instead, post to your blog about the second writing assignment - begin to pick DALN narratives you will analyze and include those links in your post. I'd also like you to start identifying points of comparison/contrast that you will discuss in the assignment.


Link is working!

Patrick called attention to a broken link in the readings for Thursday - this has now been fixed. Be sure to look at the examples of "cyber rhetoric" that I've included as we will spend time in class on these projects.

Also, I am including the link Patrick found for "page jumps," the ability to connect one part of a post with another. You can find it by clicking here.



Announcement and Class Videos

In class last week, we decided that the deadlines for short assignments will be midnight on the due date; deadlines for the posts remain the same (before class).

Also, I will be showing a few videos in class today. Most of them can be found here on Kansas State University's webpage:

Digital Ethnography @ Kansas State University

Professor Wesch's 55 minute address to the Library of Congress can be found here.

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