Tuesday (Aug 28) Assignment

Continue to work with your WordPress blogs over the weekend. We will start the online activities on Tuesday, so the first post is due by the start of class (12:29 PM). Content of the post should be one (or both) of the intro chapters from our texts.

Here are a few resources to get you started:

Pro Blogger, How to Write Great Blog Content

MintBlogger, How to Write Good Blog Posts

Thought Capital, How to Write an Academic Blog

Also, for those who need it, I have resources in my office - including WordPress for Dummies.


Syllabus Response

Today, in class, we are doing the following:

Syllabus Response: Post on your own blog a response to the class syllabus and calendar. You should discuss your response to the course goals and projects, what you expected from this class, what you think it’s going to be about, what you value as a student, what you hope to gain from this class, what ideas you might already have for projects, and anything else you find relevant for me to know. Your post serves as recognition that you have read and understood the course syllabus and also helps me gauge what you expect from me and this class.

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