Jan 15

Editing: The Big Picture

While we will read a description of a technical editor for next week, our discussion today will focus on an introduction to the field and the job.

  1. Go to your favorite search engine or directory and type in “technical editing” as a phrase search. Click on each of the first ten links returned. What did you learn about editing that you didn’t know before?
  2. Go to your favorite job advertising website and search for “technical editor”: how many jobs are there? where in the county are the positions located? what job requirements do they list? what responsibilities are mentioned? how much experience do they request? if they specify a salary, what is it?
  3. Search for “technical editing services” online. Choose one company and read about its services and its costs.

Jan 11

Hello and welcome to WRIT 368X!

This is only the second time the English Department has ever offered this course, and I’m excited that you have chosen to be a part of it! Our class meets on MW in a computer classroom, and after our first class meeting, I will begin to update this website with our new schedule and assignments (I have chosen to leave the materials from a year ago so that you can get a feel for what that class did).

Everything you need to know about “Editing for Professionals” will be available on this site, including resources, links, assignments, in-class activities, etc. I’ve made a few changes to the course based on last year’s comments, so let’s get started!

I have already petitioned for this X course to count in all three tracks of the English major, and I will be applying to continue the course’s inclusion in the Technology category of the Touchstone program. By next spring, we hope to have a permanent course number that can be added to the major.

Please let me know if you have questions!

Apr 09

Prepositions Quiz

1. I am a student _____ college.

2. I am a student _____ Texas Tech.

3. I am a student _____ technical communication.

4. I am an assistant _____ Dr. Baehr.

Words to use in the sentences above:

Ney – used as a function word to indicate a point of reckoning; English word: _____

Quey – used as a function word to indicate presence or occurrence; English word: _____

Shay – used as a function word to indicate inclusion, location, or position within limits; English word: _____

Xay – used as a function word to indicate movement or an action or condition suggestive of movement toward a place, person, or thing reached; English word: ____

Apr 02

Style, Organization, and Visual Design

Sentence structure and meaning:

There must be thorough preparation of the specimens by laboratory personnel.

Laboratory personnel must prepare the specimens thoroughly.

The specimens must be prepared thoroughly by the laboratory personnel.

Preparation of the specimens by laboratory personnel must be thorough.

Persona and readers/style:

Go back to the paragraph from last week. Edit the sentences with these aims: use a human agent where you can; place the subject and verb together.

What has editing achieved? What has been sacrificed? What readers would prefer the edits? the first version?

Visual Design Concepts:

Complex reading material may require long paragraphs.

Complex reading materials may require short paragraphs with headings and/or lists.

How does visual design affect comprehension?

Mar 28

Guidelines of Content Organization

According to Chapter Seventeen of our textbook, there are six guidelines/principles of content organization:

  1. Follow pre-established document structures.
  2. Anticipate reader questions and needs.
  3. Arrange information from general to specific and from familiar to new.
  4. Apply conventional patterns of organization: match structure to meaning.
  5. Group related material.
  6. Use parallel structure for parallel sections.

Mar 21

Style and Sentence Structures

Sentence Core:

The focus of the test for Experiment II was tangential to and not a direct approach to leadership.

The major framework of her policy involves presenting a discussion of health care funding.

Some studies have revealed that there has been a smal increase in mastitis cases involved with BST-supplemented cows.

The expected results of the use of BST supplements is an increase in the profitability of the dairy producer operations.

The reason why video vignettes are less used than lecture incorporate ethics training is because of the higher cost and less available resources.


Although the region is engaged in extensive tourist promotion, the historical site is accessible only by a secondary route.

Although the historical site is accessible only by a secondary route, the region is engaged in extensive tourist promotion.

Mar 05

Practice with Spelling and Technical Material

This time, I want everyone to work through these exercises – either email me your answers or write them down to give to me.

Spelling, Chapter 9:

A feasability study is a way to help a person make a decision. It provides facts that help a researcher decide objectively weather a project is practical and desireable. Alot of research preceeds the decision.

An invester deciding whether to purchase a convience store, for example, must investigate issues such as loans, lisences, taxes, and consummor demand. One principle question for a store in a residentail nieghborhood concerns the sale of liquer. People who come into the store might be asked to compleat a brief questionaire that inquires about there wishes.

Spelling, Misused Words, Capitalization and Abbreviation, Chapter 9:

Development will continue in the Northern part of the city.

Do not spill the Hydrochloric Acid on your clothes.

A research project at the sight of a major city landfill has shown how slowly plastic decomposes; i.e., a plastic bottle takes 100-400 years to decompose.

Numbers, Symbols, and Abbreviations, Chapter 12:

When the electrode is fully in the spinal cord tissue, the resistance shoots up to 1000-ohms or more.

There are two methods of applying a coagulating current. One uses a fixed time, eg. 30 sec, and varies the power applied, eg, 5-mA, then 10mA, 15 mA, etc, up to a limit given by the manufacturer. The other method fixes the power, eg at 30 mA, and varies the time, eg 5 sec, then 10 seconds, 15 sec, etc.

Feb 28

Practice with Punctuation

From the first assignments, I noticed that we need to practice more with punctuation – particularly commas.

Introductory Words, Phrases, and Clauses

While I was listening to my podcast I didn’t hear my phone ring.
With the aid of a fast Internet connection he finished his project quickly.
In the campground no pets were allowed.
After eating our cat took a nap.
Having finished the exam before the bell rang he left the room.
Tired of never having enough money she took a second job.
To get a seat close to the stage you’d better come early.
As I stated the rules can be broken occasionally.
After they retired they moved to Mexico.
While I was watching the TV screen went blank.

Essential and Nonessential Word Groups

Students who cheat harm only themselves.
The restaurant which serves only breakfast and lunch was closed.
No one however wanted to tell her she was wrong.
I’ll return the sweater that I borrowed after I wear it again tonight.
Uncle Ike a doctor drank too much even though he warned others to avoid alcohol.
She is a good friend a person whom I trust and admire.

Feb 05

Grammar and Usage Practice

Today, in class, we are going through a series of exercises designed to help you practice:

First, complete #2 on p. 107 (Chapter Seven)

Second, split up into groups, and I will assign each group one of the mistakes/challenges on p. 40-41 (Chapter Three)

Third, work through the sentence patterns (#1 on p. 148)

Jan 15

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Make sure you can navigate our class site! I also encourage you to look through the resources, which will continue to grow as the semester progresses.

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