The final grade in this course is determined by the following criteria. These assignments will help you develop advanced technical writing and editing skills.

For undergraduates:

For graduate students:

Project 1: Short text of fiction, creative nonfiction, or nonfiction

Editing a short text (written by you) due February 10 For the first project, I want you to pick something you have written, a text that is a rough draft or work in progress. NOTE: Do not use a revised or submitted work for this assignment! The purpose of this assignment is to give you …

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Project 2: Media Story

Editing a Short Print Document for Substance/Organization/Style, due February 24 For this assignment, you will edit the story you have been assigned using the “Level 1: Editing for correctness” technique from Chapter One. This means you will check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar; for consistency in mechanics such as capitalization throughout the document; and for …

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Project 3: Pamphlet, brochure, or flier (undergraduates)/Work-in-Progress (graduate students)

Undergraduate Students: Editing a pamphlet, brochure, or flier due April 7 For the third project, I want you to choose a short document that has graphics, formatting, or other document design choices and take it through three levels of edit. Graduate Students: Editing a substantial text/document due April 7 For the third project, I want …

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Project 4: Website

Editing a website, due May 5 (by noon) Deliverables: Letter to webmaster (including URL), electronic edit, style guide, evidence of all other edits (organization, ethical, etc) For the fourth project, choose a website (notice that I did not say web page) that has multiple pages and/or parts. The Winthrop website has recently overhauled its individual …

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Final Exam Assignment: Editing Philosophy

3-5 pages, due before 3 PM on Tuesday, May 6 – submit to Dropbox We will wrap up the course by asking you to focus on the topics/issues we have covered throughout the semester -  issues that technical editors face and how to develop an integrated approach to technical editing that will guide you in …

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