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Project 2: Media Story

Editing a Short Print Document for Substance/Organization/Style, due February 24

For this assignment, you will edit the story you have been assigned using the “Level 1: Editing for correctness” technique from Chapter One. This means you will check for spelling, punctuation, and grammar; for consistency in mechanics such as capitalization throughout the document; and for document accuracy and completeness. Although light editing assumes that content, organization, visual design, and style are already established, please glance through the story for these issues.

Substantive Level of Edit (70%)

Content Quantity – the right amount of the right kind of information is provided

Content Quality – logic and arguments are supported by credible evidence

Organization – information is arranged effectively

Ethics – potential ethical issues are satisfactorily addressed

Mechanics – story follows AP guidelines

Letter/Memo to Author (30%)

Organization – information is arranged effectively; navigational aides improve information access

Convention – grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization are correct

Style – voice and tone are respectful and appropriate; letter is gender-neutral and inoffensive; active voice is used predominately

Credibility/References – editorial credibility is apparent (cite recommendations to establish authority)

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