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Project 1: Short text of fiction, creative nonfiction, or nonfiction

Editing a short text (written by you) due February 10

For the first project, I want you to pick something you have written, a text that is a rough draft or work in progress. NOTE: Do not use a revised or submitted work for this assignment!

The purpose of this assignment is to give you practice with the first level of editing – editing for correctness, Unit 2 in the textbook – before we move on to texts created by other people.


1) Pick a work in progress that is approximately 3-5 pages (you need enough text to work with)

2) Upload a clean copy of the original text into Dropbox

3) Work with a hard copy of the text and edit it for correctness. I will be looking at how well (and correctly) you use the copymarking symbols from Chapter 3 and how thorough you are in the editing process

4) Turn in the edited hard copy

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