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Final Exam Assignment: Editing Philosophy

3-5 pages, due before 3 PM on Tuesday, May 6 – submit to Dropbox

We will wrap up the course by asking you to focus on the topics/issues we have covered throughout the semester -  issues that technical editors face and how to develop an integrated approach to technical editing that will guide you in this line of work.

In developing an editing philosophy, you’ll need to address issues including your view of the editing function, view of language and communication, application of rules and guidelines, negotiation of editorial changes, relations with writers and others in the development and publication process, and document quality issues.

I also want you to engage with our textbook (try not to quote huge passages), and don’t forget about the resource page! You may find it useful to look through the listservs and special interest groups for information as you formulate your own opinions.

Also, googling the phrase “editing philosophy” will give you links to several websites for technical editors.

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