Feb 28

Practice with Punctuation

From the first assignments, I noticed that we need to practice more with punctuation – particularly commas.

Introductory Words, Phrases, and Clauses

While I was listening to my podcast I didn’t hear my phone ring.
With the aid of a fast Internet connection he finished his project quickly.
In the campground no pets were allowed.
After eating our cat took a nap.
Having finished the exam before the bell rang he left the room.
Tired of never having enough money she took a second job.
To get a seat close to the stage you’d better come early.
As I stated the rules can be broken occasionally.
After they retired they moved to Mexico.
While I was watching the TV screen went blank.

Essential and Nonessential Word Groups

Students who cheat harm only themselves.
The restaurant which serves only breakfast and lunch was closed.
No one however wanted to tell her she was wrong.
I’ll return the sweater that I borrowed after I wear it again tonight.
Uncle Ike a doctor drank too much even though he warned others to avoid alcohol.
She is a good friend a person whom I trust and admire.