Feb 03

Get to Know Your Word Processing Program

To make sure you are familiar with Microsoft Word (or another word processing program), complete the following activities:

  1. Apply styles in text.
  2. Change the format of a style (such as one font to another, spacing before a heading, etc.)
  3. Turn on the reviewing toolbar.
  4. Show individual reviewers.
  5. Change which reviewer’s comments show.
  6. Show individual types of changes (insertions and deletions, comments, etc.).
  7. Track changes – turn on and off via button.
  8. Compare documents in window.
  9. Merge two documents.
  10. Insert and delete comments.
  11. Move to the next change using buttons on the reviewing toolbar.
  12. Accept all changes.
  13. Reject all changes.
  14. Make two columns.
  15. Create a running header or footer.
  16. Insert page numbers.
  17. Make a .pdf file.
  18. Use a template stored within the program.
  19. Find a template online, published by your program’s company.