Mar 26

Practice with Style Sheets

Activity 1:

Based on the information in Chapter 4, make a style guide/sheet for these paragraphs so that subsequent decisions may be consistent. What features will require a decision about consistency of mechanics? Why would the typo “continous” not appear on the style sheet?

Ignitron Tubes were first used in dc-arc welding power supplies. An ignitron tube is a vacuum tube that can function as a closing switch in pulsed power (using a pulse of current rather than a continous current) applications. A closing switch is a switch that is not on or will not pass current until it is triggered to be on. When the tube is triggered to be “on,” it provides a path for the current. The ignitron tube is turned on by a device called an “ignitor.” The ignitor sits in liquid mercury inside the vacuum tube. The ignitron tube creates a path for the current by vaporizing mercury. More mercury will be vaporized as the current crosses the tube. When there is no current the vaporized mercury goes to the bottom of the tube and turns back into liquid.

When an Ignitron Tube turns on and passes current, this process is referred to as a shot. The greatest amount of current that ignitrons can presently handle is nearly 1,000,000 amps. The tube can handle this amount of current for five shots before the tube fails. Industry wants a tube that will handle 1000 shots before it fails.

Activity 2:

IEEE Editorial Style Manual

O’Reilly Stylesheet http://oreilly.com/oreilly/author/stylesheet.html

U.S. government department style guides

Activity 3:

Find a publication that you like to read. Find out what style guide it follows by looking at the author guidelines.