Feb 05

Grammar Self-Diagnostic: Part Two

As promised, here is part two of our self-diagnostic:

14. This is one of the prizes that are going to be given to the outstanding technical editor.
15. When they realized the mechanic was not going to show up, they decided to repair the car theirselves.
16. I’m confident that everybody who works diligently on these exercises will improve their grammatical acumen significantly.
17. Its time for all the students to return to their dorms and study their lessons.
18. Either you or the interns is capable of handling the editing assignments.
19. “Why don’t all of you sit down and be quiet” screamed the professor!
20. After you recieve your degree from the university, do you plan to attend graduate school?
21. If I was expected to have my PowerPoint presentation ready for today, you should have notified me earlier.
22. My children got alot of toys for Christmas that made too much noise.
23. The reason I copied his paper is because I ran out of time and needed to turn in something.
24. Learning grammar is time-consuming, sometimes difficult, but is definitely rewarding.
25. He was concerned that the last check he wrote would overdraw his account; but fortunately, he had just enough money to cover it.