Feb 03

Grammar Self-Diagnostic: Part One

Today, in class, we will take part one of a diagnostic: determine the error in the following sentences.

  1. Brandon said it is alright if I borrow his style manual if I promise to return it tomorrow.
  2. “I assure you, Davis. It is not I whom is to blame.”
  3. Due to the fact that the economy has turned downward, we decided not to hire another copy editor.
  4. If I had known that you needed a ride to the office, I would of been glad to drive by your house and pick you up.
  5. Jamie is one of the students who is going to apply for the copyediting job next week.
  6. Neither the class or the professor wanted to have the test next Friday.
  7. All of you completed the assignments without hardly any errors.
  8. Mike wants to go to the concert tonight, however, his girlfriend insists they study for their technical editing quiz tomorrow.
  9. Please loan me a couple of dollars for lunch.
  10. Although the professor’s pen had leaked into his shirt pocket, everyone continued to work at their desk as if nothing happened.
  11. Her attempts to dramatize the affects of driving while intoxicated were not lost on the class.
  12. “Why did you bring your boss along?” Marty asked, “we cannot squeeze anyone else into the car.”
  13. Riding with the top down, the convertible energized the young sales clerk.