Mar 12

Electronic Editing of Text

For this grammar exercise, I want you to copy and paste these sentences/sections into the word processor of your choice and digitally mark them. Then, attach the changes to an email, and send it to me.

Correct the following sentences for spelling, misused words, capitalization, and abbreviation:

Undoubtably, the issue of personal is signifigant as well. Trutworthy employes are indispensible. The investigator can check employmant patterns at the store and in the area overall.

The Society for Technical Communication has planned feild trips to three Hi Tech company’s. Later in the year some students will attend the Annual Conference of the STC. All of these plans for travelling requie some extensive fund raising this Fall. The sponsers have proposed the establishment of an Editing Service. Student edtors would acquire jobs thru the Service and return 15 per cent of there earnings to the group.