Mar 05

Practice with Spelling and Technical Material

This time, I want everyone to work through these exercises – either email me your answers or write them down to give to me.

Spelling, Chapter 9:

A feasability study is a way to help a person make a decision. It provides facts that help a researcher decide objectively weather a project is practical and desireable. Alot of research preceeds the decision.

An invester deciding whether to purchase a convience store, for example, must investigate issues such as loans, lisences, taxes, and consummor demand. One principle question for a store in a residentail nieghborhood concerns the sale of liquer. People who come into the store might be asked to compleat a brief questionaire that inquires about there wishes.

Spelling, Misused Words, Capitalization and Abbreviation, Chapter 9:

Development will continue in the Northern part of the city.

Do not spill the Hydrochloric Acid on your clothes.

A research project at the sight of a major city landfill has shown how slowly plastic decomposes; i.e., a plastic bottle takes 100-400 years to decompose.

Numbers, Symbols, and Abbreviations, Chapter 12:

When the electrode is fully in the spinal cord tissue, the resistance shoots up to 1000-ohms or more.

There are two methods of applying a coagulating current. One uses a fixed time, eg. 30 sec, and varies the power applied, eg, 5-mA, then 10mA, 15 mA, etc, up to a limit given by the manufacturer. The other method fixes the power, eg at 30 mA, and varies the time, eg 5 sec, then 10 seconds, 15 sec, etc.