Monthly Archive: March 2013

Mar 28

Guidelines of Content Organization

According to Chapter Seventeen of our textbook, there are six guidelines/principles of content organization: Follow pre-established document structures. Anticipate reader questions and needs. Arrange information from general to specific and from familiar to new. Apply conventional patterns of organization: match structure to meaning. Group related material. Use parallel structure for parallel sections.

Mar 21

Style and Sentence Structures

Sentence Core: The focus of the test for Experiment II was tangential to and not a direct approach to leadership. The major framework of her policy involves presenting a discussion of health care funding. Some studies have revealed that there has been a smal increase in mastitis cases involved with BST-supplemented cows. The expected results …

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Mar 05

Practice with Spelling and Technical Material

This time, I want everyone to work through these exercises – either email me your answers or write them down to give to me. Spelling, Chapter 9: A feasability study is a way to help a person make a decision. It provides facts that help a researcher decide objectively weather a project is practical and …

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