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Apr 21

Management and Production Exercise

You are the editor of an anthology of articles written by different writers in different locations. The anthology will be published by a small commercial press, and that press will print and bind the anthology you provide. Make policy decisions on the following issues with the goal of creating a useful, high-quality anthology that can …

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Apr 16

Editing for Global Contexts

1. Notice the metaphors of wars and sports in the following paragraph, metaphors that are common in North American business language. What difficulties in translation might such metaphors create? A department committee will meet for strategic planning to identify goals for surviving in light of the new policies of retrenchment. We will have to dig …

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Mar 31

Illustrations and Type

First, let’s look at sentence pairs to determine how revision can inappropriately change meaning. For each revision, define the change in meaning. Suggest a way to edit the first sentence in the pair to improve style without changing meaning: Technical writers are now finding themselves in roles in product design and managing the production as …

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Mar 26

Practice with Style Sheets

Activity 1: Based on the information in Chapter 4, make a style guide/sheet for these paragraphs so that subsequent decisions may be consistent. What features will require a decision about consistency of mechanics? Why would the typo “continous” not appear on the style sheet? Ignitron Tubes were first used in dc-arc welding power supplies. An …

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Mar 12

Electronic Editing of Text

For this grammar exercise, I want you to copy and paste these sentences/sections into the word processor of your choice and digitally mark them. Then, attach the changes to an email, and send it to me. Correct the following sentences for spelling, misused words, capitalization, and abbreviation: Undoubtably, the issue of personal is signifigant as …

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Mar 05

Style Exercise: Revising Wordy Sentences

Exercise 13.7 (page 236) I think my outdated computer, which is five years old, needs to be replaced by a new one that is much faster. The new intern has a very nice personality and is attractive and everyone seems to be drawn to him. Due to the fact that that many writers use a …

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Feb 19

Practice with Style

Persona and Readers: Read the following paragraph. First, discuss the suitability of the persona and style, assuming that the passage appears in a manual for volunteers assisting a probation officer. Then, discuss the suitability assuming the passage appears in a law textbook. How do context and readers influence your description of the style? What stylistic …

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Feb 17

Punctuation Exercise

Correct the punctuation in the following sentences, and then, explain why the change was necessary. The copy center, like the check cashing service and the convenience store would be open 24 hours each day. Harris/3 M offers a 36 month leasing plan. For the proposed copies for the center, the 6055 and the 6213. Lease …

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Feb 17

Working with AP style

To help prepare you for the first assignment (due next week), work your way through these questions. What tense should you write in? Begin your sentences __________. What types of numbers are the exceptions to the rule about how to spell/write numbers? How are states abbreviated? Eight state names are always spelled out – name …

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Feb 05

Grammar Self-Diagnostic: Part Two

As promised, here is part two of our self-diagnostic: 14. This is one of the prizes that are going to be given to the outstanding technical editor. 15. When they realized the mechanic was not going to show up, they decided to repair the car theirselves. 16. I’m confident that everybody who works diligently on …

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