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Jan 15

Editing: The Big Picture

While we will read a description of a technical editor for next week, our discussion today will focus on an introduction to the field and the job. Go to your favorite search engine or directory and type in “technical editing” as a phrase search. Click on each of the first ten links returned. What did …

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Jan 11

Hello and welcome to WRIT 368X!

This is only the second time the English Department has ever offered this course, and I’m excited that you have chosen to be a part of it! Our class meets on MW in a computer classroom, and after our first class meeting, I will begin to update this website with our new schedule and assignments …

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Apr 09

Prepositions Quiz

1. I am a student _____ college. 2. I am a student _____ Texas Tech. 3. I am a student _____ technical communication. 4. I am an assistant _____ Dr. Baehr. Words to use in the sentences above: Ney – used as a function word to indicate a point of reckoning; English word: _____ Quey …

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Apr 02

Style, Organization, and Visual Design

Sentence structure and meaning: There must be thorough preparation of the specimens by laboratory personnel. Laboratory personnel must prepare the specimens thoroughly. The specimens must be prepared thoroughly by the laboratory personnel. Preparation of the specimens by laboratory personnel must be thorough. Persona and readers/style: Go back to the paragraph from last week. Edit the …

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Mar 28

Guidelines of Content Organization

According to Chapter Seventeen of our textbook, there are six guidelines/principles of content organization: Follow pre-established document structures. Anticipate reader questions and needs. Arrange information from general to specific and from familiar to new. Apply conventional patterns of organization: match structure to meaning. Group related material. Use parallel structure for parallel sections.

Mar 21

Style and Sentence Structures

Sentence Core: The focus of the test for Experiment II was tangential to and not a direct approach to leadership. The major framework of her policy involves presenting a discussion of health care funding. Some studies have revealed that there has been a smal increase in mastitis cases involved with BST-supplemented cows. The expected results …

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Mar 05

Practice with Spelling and Technical Material

This time, I want everyone to work through these exercises – either email me your answers or write them down to give to me. Spelling, Chapter 9: A feasability study is a way to help a person make a decision. It provides facts that help a researcher decide objectively weather a project is practical and …

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Feb 28

Practice with Punctuation

From the first assignments, I noticed that we need to practice more with punctuation – particularly commas. Introductory Words, Phrases, and Clauses While I was listening to my podcast I didn’t hear my phone ring. With the aid of a fast Internet connection he finished his project quickly. In the campground no pets were allowed. …

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Feb 05

Grammar and Usage Practice

Today, in class, we are going through a series of exercises designed to help you practice: First, complete #2 on p. 107 (Chapter Seven) Second, split up into groups, and I will assign each group one of the mistakes/challenges on p. 40-41 (Chapter Three) Third, work through the sentence patterns (#1 on p. 148)

Jan 15

How to navigate this site

Welcome! All of the information you need for WRIT 367X can be found on this site. Any changes to our schedule or assignments can be found on the home page – I will create a new post with this pertinent information. Menus (located near the top) will take you to pages with information about the …

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