Access to “Visualizing Composition”

I tried to contact the bookstore about this resource, but as of 5 PM, I have not received a reply. Here is the link where you can purchase access for 180 days:


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Welcome to WRIT 501!

This semester, we will think about and write for new kinds of media. WRIT 501 is a course that will be as much about interrogating the rhetorical and cultural factors of writing for new media as it is about doing that kind of writing. Since it is a 500-level course, the practical material will be enriched with readings from scholars, theorists, and professionals to deepen your understanding of the “whys” behind the “hows.”

We will be critiquing ways and techniques of reading as well as critiquing and designing web pages, participating in an online community, and creating various kinds of print and nonprint texts – this will be a rich, writing-driven course. It is listed as a writing-intensive course, so there will be a great deal of revising, peer editing, and attention to style. WRIT 501 also meets the technology General Education requirements for English majors.

Please familiarize yourselves with ALL of the pages for WRIT 501 (see links above) as they contain important information about course expectations and assignments.

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Digital Literacies

As we move towards the second half of the course, let us turn our attention to writing for new media (instead of merely reading about it and evaluating it). The next writing assignment is an experiment in nonprint design – in the form of a website, video, podcast, or PhotoStory/Storify presentation.

Dr. Koster just sent me a link I think everyone will find useful, and I am including it here: “Digital Literacies for Writing in Social Media

Hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break! See you on Thursday!

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Yet More Resources

Some of you have been sending me links to fabulous websites and videos, and I wanted to share:

Is Facebook Trying to Kill Privacy? – commentary on the new features of Facebook

Top 20 Trends in 2011 Forecast - YouTube video identifying new technological trends

PRESSPAUSEPLAY – a documentary on the digital “revolution”

If Computer Problems were Real – YouTube video

Changing the DNA of Higher Education - article on CNBC about the new book The Innovative University

In My Language – YouTube video (her personal blog can be found here:

css Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design

Programs – Storify (create stories using social media), Wordle (word cloud), and Prezi (the better PowerPoint for presentations)

Keep them coming!

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Clarification on Part 1 of the Values & Criteria Analysis

I think there are some lingering questions about Part One (due tomorrow). So, I’ll try to explain a bit more…

Digital media can be created in any number of ways: web authoring software like Expression Web, blogs or web texts¬†using a site like WordPress, presentations on Prezi (as opposed to PowerPoint), games, etc. We talked about YouTube videos yesterday – but even these use a variety of different methods like Flash, screen capture (can capture a video of the screen or “snapshots” of the screen), or other animation. ¬†

Your goal is to seek out and find digital media that have been created in various ways, using various methods. We want to see what is possible in order to test the evaluation criteria we worked with in class. Good luck!

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Digital Books and PEW Quizzes

In anticipation of someone asking me to post the resources from today’s class, I am putting them up BEFORE class. :)

Note: We will read parts of PEW’s report later in the semester, but you will find incredibly interesting information on this homepage about recent technology statistics/findings.

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Resources from Today’s Class

As requested, I am including links to the websites from today:

Squeak Smalltalk

Kate Hartman’s The art of wearable communication

The second link is from – you may want to look through this site for its talks and presentations on technology!

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