Concept in 60

Video Text

Your final project in WRIT 501 is to create a 60-second video text that illustrates the concept of new media. Your video text must meet the following requirements:

  • Your video text must run 60 seconds – no more, no less – including title screen and any credits.
  • Your video text must take a critical, reflective, and/or interpretive approach to its subject matter.
  • You must strip your video of all actual audio. You may layer audio in your project as long as you avoid all literal video/audio matching.
  • You must include a title screen somewhere in your video text. You must also give yourself credit as the video artist/composer somewhere in the video text.
  • You must secure permissions for all materials used in your project. Also, you must give credit for all materials used in your project.
  • You should create a new page of your blog and submit/embed the video (with accompanying metanarrative).

You may create your video text collaboratively or individually. The choice is yours. We will screen your video texts during the final exam period (Friday, December 6 @ 11:30 AM).


The video text will be accompanied by a metanarrative,¬†explaining the evolution of the video text – what you did, but more importantly, your rationale for doing it. Why did you make these rhetorical choices, and what do they show about your evolving understanding of how to write for electronic publication as opposed to print? This should be either a Word document of whatever length you feel is necessary to explain the work to me or accompanying text on your new blog page – no fewer than 1000 words. In effect, you’re writing the Cliff’s Notes for me to accurately “read” your work.

Beyond a commentary on your actual revisions, the metanarrative may extend to your larger learning in the class. We’ve discussed issues like accessibility, copyright, digital media versus scholarly media, etc. You may wish to add reflections on how what you have learned beyond the written assignments has enhanced your understanding of writing for electronic publication as well.

The metanarrative should make reference to the works we have read and the sites we have discussed over the course of the semester as you point to particular ideas, principles, techniques, and/or styles you are using. Those references should be documented correctly in MLA style.

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