Peer Review

Two weeks of class in November will be spent reviewing and critiquing your final projects.

For Presenters

Everyone has now signed up for a peer review day, and you should post a draft of your video to your blog by 5 PM the day before you are scheduled to present. Students who do not make this deadline will not be allowed to workshop their projects!

For Reviewers

Each of you will read/review the projects scheduled for that class period and compose a response based on our evaluation criteria. These responses should be completed BEFORE class starts and should be posted as a comment on that person’s blog.

Some basic suggestions for reviewing and drafting the response:

  1. read the piece, figuring out its purpose, taking notes on how you react/respond to the piece as you read;
  2. from your notes, figure out the main points you want to address in regards to the peer-review criteria, and begin to summarize your thoughts in relation to those criteria;
  3. the beginning sentences of the┬áresponse often summarize the project’s purpose back to the editors/author, to ensure that you understood the piece and evaluated it with the criteria in mind; and
  4. the language should be helpful and respectful.

How you use the criteria in your response is up to you. Some reviewers address the criteria directly, and others do it implicitly. In any case, make sure that your revision suggestions are clear.

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