Experiment in Nonprint Presentation

Now that we have talked about heuristics for digital media and introduced style guides for designing digital content, it is time for you to practice with the theories and technologies we have introduced. For this assignment, you will conduct an experiment in nonprint presentation.

This assignment is due by November 8.

Nonprint Presentation

Now is the time to start experimenting and becoming familiar with the technologies you will use to create your “Concept in 60″ videos. For this option, you can create either a podcast, a video, or a Photostory presentation. Dr. Koster’s WRIT 501 website from Fall 2009 has a detailed list of instructions for each of these choices.


If you choose one of these options, you will need to create a NEW PAGE on your blog, embed your created media or file, and post the metanarrative that accompanies it.

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