Literacy Narrative

What is a Literacy Narrative?

Generally speaking, a literacy narrative tells a story about how you learned to read and write. As the international website, Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives, says,

This collection might include a story about learning to read cereal  boxes and a story about learning to write plays.  Some people will want  to record their memories about the bedtime stories their parents read to  them, the comics they looked at in the newspaper, or their first  library card.  Others will want to tell a story about writing a  memorable letter, learning how to write on a computer or taking a  photograph; reading the Bible, publishing a ‘zine’, or sending an e-mail  message.

So, a literacy narrative tells others how you came to understand a particular literacy practice (broadly conceived, as the examples above indicate) at some point in your life. There are all sorts of prompts/questions on how to come up with an idea you’re interested in telling, and those prompts are listed on the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) website. We’ll be using this site as our assignment guide, as our end goal is to upload your narrative to this site.

Specifics of the Assignment

  1. Brainstorm what story you’d like to tell.
  2. Draft a version of this narrative – post this draft to your blog, due by September 5.
  3. Record (video or audio) a 1 to 5-minute narrative.
  4. Register for the DALN site.
  5. Upload your literacy narrative to the site, following all of its upload directions. (If you do not want to participate in the DALN site/study, ask me for alternate assignment-delivery options.) NOTE: When you’re filling out the keywords/description of your narrative for the site, make sure to include the tags “WinthropUniversity” and “WRIT501″ to allow others to search for our class contributions.
  6. Create another blog post or page with the media file and a brief explanation of how you transformed the blog version into a video/sound recording.

Due date: September 19

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