Free Programs Available for Download (programs that will help you in this class)

Audacity, CamStudio, PhotoStory 3 (on all Winthrop lab computers), Screencast-O-matic, and Jing. There is also a feature in the new version of PowerPoint that will allow you to use a Camtasia plug-in.

Here’s a recent article about the nine best video-editing software programs (that are FREE to download)!

Help Websites/Tutorials

  • (online training library for $25/month)
  • taking screenshots: PC or Mac instructions for taking screenshots and making them into images that you can upload to your blog.
  • using MovieMaker: short, video-based tutorials that literally walk you through how to do pretty much everything in MovieMaker v.2.
  • using iMovie 09: Apple’s tutorials for using the newest version of iMovie.
  • using iMovie 06/HD: Apple’s tutorials for using an older (better?) version of iMovie.
  • WEbVPN client. Use this if the above doesn’t work or is too confusing.
  • Zotero: a free bibliographic tool that comes as a Firefox plug-in.
  • xtranormal: type in a script and use their pre-made 3D environs to create a movie.
  • creating mapping/media story mashups with web and cell phone delivery.
  • Remix America gives you the tools and raw materials you need to remix America Then with America Now.

websites with accessibility tools

  • Magpie:
  • Subtitle Workshop:

HTML help

Yahoo’s Directory on HTML

HTML Help by the Web Design Group

Wacky things to do with HTML

Hypertext markup Language Homepage


Designing Accessible Websites

Accessible webpage design

Web Accessibility Initiative

Access issues when using Adobe products

National Cancer Institutes’ Guidelines for People Using Text Readers

Free Bobby Validator:


What do users want?

Universal Usability

IBM: Ease of Use

The UPA list of resources and standards

General Web Development and Design

Web Page Design for Designers

Yale Web Style Guide

Designing A Designer’s Site

The Sevloid Guide to Web Design

Some tutorials on working with graphics on the web

Web Monkey’s guide to understanding web graphics

Stockton’s Handy Website Tools page

Photoshop Tutorials

Brushes resource site

Colorwheel tool

Masking tutorial

Al Mackey’s Photoshop Tutorial

Statistics about the Web and Internet use

Falling through the Net

Gender and the Digital Divide



The Top 50

Georgia Tech’s WWW User Surveys

Global Internet Statistics (by Language)

Statistics and Public Opinion

The Pew Trust’s Internet and American Life Project

Imagining the Internet (Pew Trust & Elon University) (warning: you can spend hours on


Web Techniques

Blogs: A Primer

The ABCs of RSS

Cindy Selfe’s Mega List ‘o Links

Topical URL Index

Annotated Alphabetic Index

(same links as above, but annotated)

Computers and Composition

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The entries in this bibliography reflect works cited in
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