NOTE: Readings are listed on the day we will discuss them in class, but we will complete the Visualizing Composition tutorials DURING class (unless otherwise noted).

Many of our readings come from the collection of essays called The New Media Reader. For those interested, look at the table of contents for a complete list of topics and authors.

Perspectives on New Media

August 22

For Thursday, create your own blog using WordPress (choose your template and send me the URL). Then, by adding a new post to your blog, complete the syllabus response below.

Syllabus Response: Post on your own blog a response to the class syllabus and calendar. You should discuss your response to the course goals and projects, what you expected from this class, what you think it’s going to be about, what you value as a student, what you hope to gain from this class, what ideas you might already have for projects, and anything else you find relevant for me to know. Your post serves as recognition that you have read and understood the course syllabus and also helps me gauge that you expect from me and this class.

Beginnings of New Media

August 27

Make any necessary changes to your blog, including an “About Me” page.

Read the two introductions by Janet Murray and Lev Manovich – one is a PDF that I have emailed to you, and the second can be found here

Start thinking about your online writing activities! Posts are due by the START of class.

August 29

Section I of the Yahoo! Style Guide (this section is more than chapter one), and be prepared to go through the first “chapter” of Visualizing Composition (VC).

Collective Media, Personal Media

September 3

Read the two selections by Marshall McLuhan (“The Galaxy Reconfigured” and “The Medium is the Message”). Be prepared to discuss them in class.

For those interested in McLuhan, here is a video of his lecture/Q&A on “The Medium is the Message” from 1979.

September 5

Blog posts containing a draft of your literacy narrative are due! NOTE: This is not the video/audio part.

Section II of the Yahoo! Style Guide and next two tutorials of VC (to be completed in class)

September 10

Read “Constituents of a Theory of the Media” by Hans Magnus Enzensberger and “Requiem for the Media” by Jean Baudrillard – these readings are a pair, so be prepared to discuss them together

September 12

Section III of the Yahoo! Style Guide and the fourth and fifth tutorials of VC

September 17

Read Nelson’s “Computer Lib/Dream Machines

September 19

Literacy Narratives are due! This means they must be uploaded to the DALN before class.

Usability readings: “Monitoring Order” by Anne Francis Wysocki, “What is usability?” by the Usability Professionals Association, and “How Users Read on the Web” by Jakob Neilsen,; in class, we will work on the sixth tutorial of VC.

Design, Activity, and Action

September 24

Read “Video Games and Computer Holding Power” by Sherry Turkle and Two Selections by Brenda Laurel

September 26

Look at “Violence of Text” and read the “Reading a new media text” section (p. 415-422) of “Show, not tell” by Cheryl Ball

In class, we will work with the following heuristics: Cheryl Ball’s Assessing Multimedia (look at the lists on p. 67-68 and p. 75), Kairos peer-review criteria (scroll down to see the four categories), IML’s Honors Thesis Project Parameters

Revolution, Resistance, and the Launch of the Web

October 1

Read “Mythinformation” by Langdon Winner and “Siren Shapes: Exploratory and Constructive Hypertexts” by Michael Joyce

October 3

Look at “This is Scholarship“, “words are the ultimate abstraction“, and NCTE Guidelines for Multimodal Literacies

Part One of the Values & Criteria Analysis is due! In class, we will complete the seventh and eighth tutorial of VC.

October 8

Read “You Say You Want a Revolution? Hypertext and the Laws of Media” by Stuart Moulthrop and Robert Coover’s “The End of Books” and responses

October 10

Copyright readings: “Code of Best Practices” by Center for Social Media, “Social Media – Sharing, Theft and the Fine Line” by Christophor Rick, and Winthrop’s Copyright Policy.

Note that the Yahoo! Style Guide has a chapter on copyright as well (Chapter 18).

Dr. Jo Koster will be our guest due to her role on the copyright committees here at Winthrop.

New Media and Multimodal Composition

FALL BREAK: October 14 and 15

October 17

Read “People of the Screen” by Christine Rosen, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” by Nicholas Carr, “Is Stupid Making Us Google?” by James Bowman, and “The Digital Alarmists are Wrong” by Chabris and Simons

Designing Digital Content

October 22

Bolter’s “Seeing and Writing” and skim through the later sections of Espen Aarseth’s “Nonlinearity and Literary Theory

October 24

Part Two of the Values & Criteria Analysis is due by class time on October 24!

Ninth and tenth tutorials of VC

October 29

Accessibility/Disability Studies readings: “Disability Rights Advocates Press for Accessible Technology” by Kimberly Railey, “On Web Video, Captions Are Coming Slowly” by Brian Stelter, “Why Does Facebook Matter?” by Jean Dobbs, and “MultimodalityInMotion” by Yergeau et al.

Examples: The Loud Hands Project and Aspie Rhetor’s blog

October 31

Eleventh and twelfth tutorials of VC

Future of New Media

November 5

Course Wrap-up: “What’s in a Name?” by Claire Lauer and “Peering Into the Future of Media” by Eric Pfanner

For those interested, try “How The News Got Less Mean” by TIME magazine and the PEW Internet Project’s research on mobile technology

November 7

Thirteenth (and final!) tutorial of VC

Experiment with Nonprint Presentation is due by November 8 (5 PM)!

NOTE: November 5 and 7 are the last online writing activities – for the rest of the semester, we will concentrate on responses to the final project!

Peer Review: November 12, 14, 19, 21

November 26WORK DAY. You will need to post an update to your blog about your progress on the final project: what you have done and what you need to accomplish before December 6.

December 6 – Final Presentations @ 11:30 AM


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