CFP: Computers & Writing 2014

The Call for Proposals has come out for Computers & Writing, a national conference I try to attend every year. The questions they ask participants to consider are as follows:

* What is at stake in our practices, theories and pedagogies when we choose to engage with the varied challenges of a technological past, present, and future?

* What have been, and should be, institutional responses to technological revolutions?

* How do our engagements with interfaces, texts, and technologies shape our selves, our students, and our communities?

* Conversely, how do individuals and communities work to shape interfaces, texts, and technologies?

* What happens to writers and writing in the “political and ideological boundary lands” of our interfaces, texts, and technologies when we pay attention to issues of race, class, gender, ability, accessibility, sexuality, and political economies?

* What are the evolutions, revolutions, and convolutions that result from ever-increasing interactions between Computers and Writing and the Digital Humanities?

Given our discussions in class, I thought these questions were especially timely. The full call is can be found here.

Students who took this course in Fall 2011 allowed me to use their work for my presentation at Computers & Writing 2012. If you want to submit your work for consideration or want to put together a proposal for a mini-workshop, roundtable, or panel, please let me know! Proposals are due October 31.

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