Speaking to Your Entire Audience

1. To start, I want everyone to cast a critical eye on his or her blog in terms of Chapter 4:

  • Headings – should distill content, make stories easy to scan, and break up text into readable chunks.
  • Sentences – should be strong, concise, and informative that compel people to keep reading.
  • Paragraphs – should be short, simple, and on one topic.
  • Lists – should simply complicated steps, organize ideas for your readers, and add welcome white space to a page.

Now, with a partner, examine someone else’s blog in terms of these “building blocks” of content.

2. Writing for the World – first, we will complete an audience exercise, then I want everyone to do the “Tip” on p. 82. Remember the five best practices on p. 81!

3. Making Your Site Accessible – try to answer the 10 questions on pgs. 108-112. The Top 5 Steps on p. 112 are worth noting.

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