Writing for an Online Audience

Janet Murray says one of the defining qualities of the computer is that it is participatory – the digital medium is interactive, giving the user a sense of agency.

We will spend today’s class working through Section I of the Yahoo! Style Guide to test the theories and ideas from Murray and Manovich.

  • First, complete the “Tip” on page 5.
  • Then, test your copy’s readability, p. 10-11.
    • Make sure you are labeling things (p. 13).
  • Next, develop your site’s voice, p. 31-43, by choosing four or five descriptors that sum up your intended voice.

To help you get a better sense of how to write a blog, check out the competition (p. 17 and 23). Compare your blog to one or two that you like and/or enjoy.

Finally, since everyone should have access to Visualizing Composition, complete the “Alignment” tutorial. Make sure you send your responses to me!


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