Working with WordPress

To start class, we will continue to work on your WordPress blogs:

First, go through this checklist to make sure your blog is ready for the semester.

  1. Double check your blog options in Settings
    1. “General”- enter the name of your site, the tagline, your email address, and default language
    2. “Date/Time” – Eastern! click “save” at the bottom of any page where you set new options.
    3. “My Profile” within Users menu – add as much or as little information as you feel comfortable with
    4. “Personal Settings”(also in Users menu) – make choices about options such as editor, color scheme, keyboard shortcut, browser connection, primary blog, and proofreading
  2. Organize your blog by subject (“Categories” link under Posts menu) – consider creating categories for your posts, assignments, responses, etc.
  3. Know the difference between posts and pages
  4. Create and categorize your blogroll – this is the list of links you will display on your blog (Links menu)
  5. Set the discussion options for your blog – click the Discussion menu to make sure you are allowing users to comment

Once you have done these things, feel free to enhance your blog with themes, widgets, and/or upgrades. I’m happy to answer questions if you need help!

Second, add (or, in some cases, edit) the “About” page.

Third, create a new post that gives me your answer to the question “What is new media?” Here are some links to get you started:

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