Professional Stewardship

My service to the university has many aspects:

National Service

I am an alpha tester for MLA Commons, an online platform for members of the MLA community, and I facilitated my department’s partnership with the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN) at Ohio State University. There is now a growing collection of narratives within the archive from our own students here at Winthrop – these archives are accessible on the DALN’s website through the keyword “Winthrop University.” As the DALN grows in popularity, more people are finding ways to incorporate it into their classes, and I was interviewed about my department’s pedagogical practices in regards to the archive for an upcoming article. We used the DALN in WRIT 501: Writing for New Media, and the university newspaper ran an article on this partnership.

Professional Writing

Part of my work involves the Department of English’s professional writing track, and based on my survey of more than 100 writing programs across the country (and scholarship in this area), I am working with my chair and key faculty to implement changes. We’ve made numerous updates to the track, including streamlining the concentration and adding new courses. Hopefully, in the spring of 2014, I will be able to teach a special topics course on Collaborative Writing.

A description of this track (both as a major and a minor) can be found here.

WRIT 465

As described in the Scholarship page, I piloted two hybrid versions of WRIT 465 in Spring 2012 – in this context, hybrid means one weekly in-class meeting with an online component through Blackboard – and still teach at least hybrid section per semester. Since Spring 2012, I have been collecting assessment data in the form of short answer evaluations, pre- and post-semester surveys, and a 10-question electronic survey on student response to the hybrid format. With the help of a research assistant, I am now starting the process of coding and analyzing this data.

Winthrop University Service

I have been a writing tutor with the LEAP program since 2011, and I am currently a member of both the department and college curriculum committee. I advise nine students in the Department of English, but my work with students extends to other departments, where I regularly help with graduate school applications or career documents. I’m proud to say that these students have gone on to graduate school at Duke, Wake Forest, University of Virginia, and George Washington.


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