Scholarly Activity


My current scholarship focuses on student literacy practices, and this academic year, I am working on several research projects.

First, my presentation for Computers and Writing 2012 has been expanded into an article that was accepted for Enculturation‘s special issue (October 2012).

Second, I was able to attend Ohio State’s Digital Media and Composition seminar in the summer of 2011, and in the summer of 2012, I worked with Dartmouth’s Summer Seminar on Composition Research. Both of these seminars are vital to my work with assessment data from the new hybrid sections of WRIT 465. I had a research assistant last year to help me code and analyze the data that we’ve collected from the hybrid sections, and I was recently informed that our findings/research narrative will appear in the online collection Showcasing the Best of CWIC/DMAC.

Third, I presented at Computers and Writing 2013 on the work my department is doing with the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN). My conference presentation looks at freshmen student responses to the DALN: how they perceive the public space of composition and if they see their own work as part of that archive.


I will be presenting at the upcoming Computers and Writing conference on my experiences handling the update to my college’s handheld technology policy for the classroom.

In addition to attending national conferences, I have fourteen presentations based on my scholarly expertise.

  • One (1) invited presentation during the 6th Annual English Department Research Conference
  • Two (2) invited presentations during Berkeley County School District’s In-service Training
  • One (1) presentation to the TEA Fellows titled “How Technology is Influencing Writing and Language Development”
  • Three (3) sessions for the Teaching and Learning Center at Winthrop titled “Getting Students Past the Blank Screen,” “Tech-Savvy Teaching,” and “Practice with Prezi”
  • One (1) guest lecture to PHED 571 on how to use Prezi
  • Two (2) First Look Friday co-presentations on multimedia storytelling
  • One (1) First Look Friday presentation on “Writing in the 21st Century”
  • Three (3) guest lectures to ENGL 291X on the professional writing track

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