Student Intellectual Development

For Spring 2014, I will be teaching Writing in the Sciences (WRIT 566) and a hybrid section of Preparation of Oral and Written Reports (WRIT 465). I have also been able to create new courses in the last year; I created and taught a special topics course called Global Communication in Spring 2012, and this semester, I am teaching Technical Editing (WRIT 368X). Over the summer, I will develop and teach a new special topics course called Teaching Writing in an Online Environment.

Global Communication website

My teaching has allowed me to partner with various departments across Winthrop.

  • For Technical Editing, I have partnered with Guy Reel in the Department of Mass Communication – my students will practice copyediting stories from his class on beginning media writing. I have also reached out to various offices around campus for additional documents that my students can use in class.
  • In WRIT 566, I am thrilled to continue my partnership with the Chemistry Department (my colleagues Nick Grossoehme and Takita Sumter) and expand this collaboration into the Psychology Department (Matt Hayes, Tara Collins and Sarah Reiland) and Biology Department (Heather Evans-Anderson and Bill Rogers). Each student group is working collaboratively throughout the semester to create a  Googledoc that can be used as a textbook for introductory courses in their respective majors: CHEM 104, BIOL 150, and PSYC 101.

Overall, in the last three years, I have taught a variety of courses which focus on academic writing (WRIT 101), professional writing (WRIT 465, WRIT 566, and WRIT 368X), new media (WRIT 501 and WRIT 502), and global communication (WRIT 510).

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