DALN Analysis

In Chapter 13 of your textbook, Ogan emphasizes the connection between language and culture. She quotes Lord David Putnam: “stories and images are among the principal means by which societies transmit their values and beliefs, from generation to generation, and community to community” (294). In fact, language is a key way to transmit culture because “cultural identities come from somewhere, have histories” (Ogan 313).

For this assignment, we will investigate this relationship by delving into the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives. Pick a topic or idea from class that interests you, then listen/watch 5-7 literacy narratives in the DALN that have listed that topic as a keyword or “tag phrase.” Record your observations (at least half need to be from other countries or by contributors who were not born in America): 750 words

  • What do these narratives have in common?
  • What are the key differences?
  • What role does culture play in the stories?
  • Does your own literacy story reflect or disprove these observations? .

Due Date: Thursday, February 16

BONUS (to replace a missing post): record and upload your response, either as an audio or video file with “WinthropUniversity” as a key word